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Penis incurvation:

Penis incurvation, also known as Peyronie’s disease, causes an abnormal curvature of the penis during erection. This pathology can lead to the impossibility of penetration during sexual intercourse or make it much more difficult. It can also make the relationship painful.


It is a non-invasive treatment for Peyronie’s disease; based on a natural enzyme which is involved in tissue repair processes: collagenase.

It is used, always according to the specialist’s criteria, for moderate or severe cases of incurvation of the penis. For it to be prescribed, the patient should show an evident plaque and a curvature of at least 30 degrees.

Xiaflex is given by injection into the Peyronie’s plaque combined with a remodelling of the same. No hospitalization is required, just local anaesthesia.

This medication can only be administered by urologists-andrologists, experts in sexual medicine and specialized in this treatment. An extremely thorough control of the process will be necessary.

It is surgery that corrects the disorder by performing a Plication on the opposite side to that one where the curvature is present.

This surgical treatment is simple and requires the patient’s hospitalization as well as post-operative care of the area.

In some cases, incorporation of a penile prosthesis is the best option for incurvation of the penis. The type of prosthesis will depend on each case.

Our Peyronie’s experts make a totally personalized diagnosis and treatment for each case. Use of the latest medical and surgical advances as well as our extensive experience in the treatment of this pathology make it possible for us to offer you satisfactory results.

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