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Ejaculation disorders

Cenyt Hospital specialists in sexual medicine offer you a personalized solution if you suffer from any of the four disorders of ejaculation:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Retarded ejaculation
  • Aneyaculation


With this purpose, a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment are performed in which both the urology-andrology medical team and the psychologist-sexologist one take part.

The disorder of premature ejaculation is that one in which the ejaculatory process occurs without control by the male. Sometimes even taking place before penetration.

When this problem occurs repeatedly, it usually causes problems in the couple’s sexual relationships as well as other disorders in the man: anxiety, insecurity …, which in turn can aggravate it. There are also physical causes that can cause premature ejaculation such as thyroid problems, some drugs/medicines, neuronal problems, etc.

Because of all this, from Cenyt Hospital we recommend that if you suffer premature ejaculation you consult our experts as soon as possible in order not to have the possible consequences of this disorder aggravated.

Retrograde ejaculation occurs when semen, instead of being expelled by the urethra, enters the bladder and is then expelled through urine.

It is a rare disorder. Its main symptoms are little or no expulsion of semen in ejaculation, turbid urine after orgasm and difficulty to fertilize.

The causes of retrograde ejaculation can be physical, when the “bladder neck” does not close, due to some medications, diabetes, or because of prostate or urethral surgery.

As regards its treatment, it will depend on each particular case, although it is complicated to correct in cases of diabetes or surgery.

Retarded ejaculation is the disorder by which ejaculation occurs poorly and late. When it does not even occur, we would be talking about aneyaculation.

The main consequences of this problem are usually insecurity, stress as related to sexual relationships, sexual dissatisfaction or difficulty when wanting to conceive. Although it is true that, for the latter case, spermatozoa can be collected through other techniques allowing the performance of different techniques of assisted reproduction.

Retarded ejaculation or aneyaculation can be caused by both, physical and psychological causes that will be studied by our specialists in sexual medicine in order to offer you the best treatment for your case.

Schedule an appointment with our andrology specialists and win better Health, Self-esteem and Quality of Life.

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