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Carry the perfect smile! First impressions count and their is no better presentation that a beautiful smile. At Cenyt Hospital we will help get the perfect smile.

Which is the adecuate age to start and orthodontic treatment?

It varies depending on the problem and the difficulties but, in general terms, we recommend, even if there is no sign of anomaly, that you take your children to the dentist for a check up as soon as they are six years old so that they can be controlled as soon as possible.

Types of treatments provided at Cenyt Hospital:

  • Interceptive or preventive orthodontic in children:

A first review is important to discard any irregularity in the development of jawbone that can affect the permanent dentition and lead a more complex treatment at the end of growth.

  • Orthodontic with conventional metal brackets:

Recommended for its great value for effectiveness in children, adolescents and adults.

  • Orthodontic aesthetic sapphire brackets:

Sapphire brackets has been a significant change in aesthetic orthodontics since this type of brackets blend in with the color of the tooth and do not change color even smoking or coloring substances are consumed.

  • Invisible Orthodontic:

This is the most aesthetic and discreet orthodontics that exists today in the market. Through a transparent plastic customized aligners which are removable we guarantee predictable results and treatments that go very unnoticed ensuring aesthetic level. The results obtained are unbeatable.


The invisible orthodontics has far surpassed other aesthetic orthodontic options such as lingual braces, a procedure that involves placing all the brackets on the inside of the teeth to go unnoticed by the naked eye. This alternative is very uncomfortable and slow for patients, so in Cenyt Dental we do not carry it out and we advise in all cases the invisible orthodontics as the best option. 

  • Orthodontic metal and aesthetic self-ligating brackets:

They differ from the usual brackets in the installation of ligatures is not necessary to attach the arches to the brackets , which provides a more comfortable and faster tooth movement, getting shorter and requiring less time in treatments. The result in facial aesthetics is excellent with this type of appliance.

  • Custom Orthodontic INSIGNIA:

The custom system Brackets Insignia gets much faster results through the use of appliances made to measure.
One of the great advances of this system is that you can visualize the final result before starting treatment through the use of 3D representation system.

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