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Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and Diet

At Cenyt Hospital we believe that we are what we eat.

This is why, we pay special attention to our patient’s diet and to promote healthy habits.

With this short term objective proposal and by providing the necessary support, our specialists manage to motívate the patient so that he reaches his expectations as soon as possible.

With the Nutrition and Diet speciality, you work together with other specialists experts in different diseases from a nutritional point of view. Thanks to a proper diet, we can help our patients improve their quality of life.

  • Diabetics: a comprehensive control of their diet to control glucemia levels so that do not need as much medication.
  • Oncology patients: thanks to a good nutricional state you will acheive a better response to treatment.
  • Convalecents after surgery: a specific diet will lead to a faster recovery.
  • Pregnant women: a healthy diet during pregnancy is vital to control both the baby and the mother’s health.
  • For those who need to gain or loose weight: we have specific diet programms to lead to the best results.


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