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The cosmetic surgical procedure of breast lifting, or mastopexy, is performed to correct sagging breasts and reposition them in the correct place, restoring youth and beauty to the female torso.

Owing to the effects of breastfeeding or the passage of time, women may suffer loss of elasticity in the breast skin and mammary ptosis (sagging) may occur. The skin has special characteristics, loses elasticity, is very thin and may exhibit stretch marks. Ptosis or drooping of the breasts occurs in both small and large busts.

Who is this type of cosmetic surgery appropriate for?

  • Women with sagging breasts caused by ageing.
  • Women with sagging breasts after pregnancy or breast feeding.
  • Women who have undergone considerable weight loss.

Type of anaesthesia used: General anaesthesia.

Duration of the intervention: 1:30 -2 hours.

Hospital stay: Normally 24 hours.


Can breasts be lifted simply by inserting an implant?

No, because the excess skin must be removed and moreover breast implants are inserted only when thepatient has lost tissue volume.

Will the breasts become smaller?

Mastopexy removes skin, not breast volume.

Are the scars unsightly?

Scarring takes place intradermally, and care is taken to ensure it is as inconspicuous as possible.

When can I go back to the gym?

As directed by your doctor, but in general not before a month and a half has elapsed.

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