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Blepharoplasty without surgery

Blepharoplasty without surgery

It is now possible to treat excess skin and periocular wrinkling without resorting to surgery. Using Plexer technology, it is possible to perform the excision of the excess skin in the area of the eyelids in a dynamic and personalised way, harnessing a system of sublimation of the treated tissues without causing damage to the adjacent tissues. This revolutionary technique allows the treatment of sensitive areas without causing scarring, bruising or hyperpigmentation.

In addition, it avoids the thermal damage to the skin that other devices such as an electrosurgical instrument or laser can cause. This is a simple and safe procedure; recovery is very swift, enabling the patient to live a normal life from day one. The inflammation that occurs in the area is minimal, causing only small half-millimetre crusts that disappear 3-7 days after treatment.

It is carried out in barely 15 minutes and anaesthetic cream is applied to make it painless. The results obtained are very natural because the expression of the eye remains intact.

In addition to non-surgical blepharoplasty, Plexer technology is appropriate for:

  • Rectifying the wrinkles of the upper lip known as bar codes.
  • Treating acne and post-acne scarring.
  • Removing skin blemishes.
  • Treating stretch marks.
  • Removing birthmarks, warts, keloids, fibroids and keratosis.
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