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Nowadays, there are a host treatments being offered for rejuvenating faces and obtaining a fresher appearance. There are a multitude of techniques and procedures to achieve this but, as a general rule, injections play a prominent role in this type of treatment. At Cenyt Hospital, we offer the possibility of revitalising the skin without any need for needles, using a revolutionary non-invasive treatment applied topically called PRX -T 33.

It comprises an innovative formula that dramatically improves the appearance of the skin without causing inflammation or damage to patient tissue.

It avoids the bothersome frost effect (peeling) and can be carried out at all times of the year, even in summer, as it is not photosensitive.

It is appropriate for treating photo-aged skin and skin that exhibits flaccidity, melasmas, stretch marks and scars.

The results are swift, surprising and achieved without any need to undergo discomfort or pain.

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