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Endoluminal Surgery (POSE)

Endoluminal Surgery (POSE) is a safer and less invasive endoscopic treatment for obesity, as it is performed endoscopically without incisions. The intervention reduces the stomach capacity orally through endoscopy and unscarred. The endoscopic procedure involves making folds in the stomach and stitching to reduce its size and its ability to distention. This way, the stomach capacity is limited and the patient has an early stage satiety, eating less food.

It has a number of advantages over other more invasive techniques:

• Reduction of pain after surgery
• Decreased risk of infection
• Absence of external scars
• Faster recovery
• Shorter hospital stays or outpatient

The POSE treatment is performed by endoscopists in the operating room under general anesthesia, lasts approximately 40 minutes, always depending on patient characteristics and the number of sutures made. The material used for the intervention is disposable.

After the intervention, the patient goes to the recovery room and subsequently to a hospital room for overnight.

The first month , the patient must keep a mainly liquid diet , passing a semi-soft and soft diet to solid food after a month and a half after surgery. It is not advisable to gain weight during the first two months.

Patient follow-up will be realized for a year with a  multidisciplinary team of nutritionists, a psychiatrist and / or psychologist , under the supervision of a specialist in digestive system.

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