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Dermapen is a device employing microneedles to tension, stretch and rejuvenate the skin. Application enables the reduction of expression lines and wrinkles and the minimisation of pores, stretch marks, keloids, surgical and acne scarring and blemishes.

Its controlled vibratory motion ensures safe and effective treatment that minimises pain, discomfort and the damage to the epidermis that other needle treatments cause.

It also fosters better absorption of externally-applied products that are administered during the treatment, because it creates a large number of micro-channels in the skin through which the active ingredients are able to penetrate in depth.

At Cenyt Hospital, we administer Dermapen treatment by performing the following steps:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the face.
  • Applying anaesthetic cream to prevent any discomfort.
  • Fractional micro dermo-abrasion with microneedling using the Dermapen device, simultaneously administering active substances for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Application of post-peel crystal fibre mask, a latest-generation product designed to enhance the cell renewal process and increase the skin’s hydration level.
  • We conclude the treatment by applying Hidra Vital Factor k, an ultrahydrating cream, and SPF50+ moisturising sun protection, a high-spectrum sunscreen.

As a complement to the treatment, it is recommended that regenerative stem cell active growth factor cream is used at home.

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