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Anaesthesia and Resuscitation

Anaesthesia and Resuscitation

Trust in the experience and professionalism of our team of specialists.

Anestheologists do more that we is commonly know, other than assisting in surgery so the patient does not suffer at all, the anestheologist is algo in charge of undertaking an evaluation prior to surgery to guarantee the patient’s security.

They also provide special attention and care during surgery procedures and they carry out a thorough control after the anesthesia so that the patient’s recovery is correct.

Among their abilities they also take care of the Pain Unit that deals with accute and chronic pains caused by surgery.

The kind of anesthesia will depend on the surgery:

  • Sedative

  • Local anesthesia

  • Epidural

  • General anesthesia

At Cenyt Hospital, we only have anesthesiologists with a wide experience and preparation and our surgeons feel safe and secure to undertake their praxis.

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