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If you have allergy problems shedule an appointment with our specialists, they are experts in all kind of intolerances and they will help you control them so that they do not affect your quality of life.

Care for these types of allergies

  • Respiratory allergies: rhinosinusitis, asthma.
  • Eye allergies: allergic conjunctivitis.
  • Cutaneous allergies.
  • Food and latex allergies.
  • Drug allergies.
  • Allergy to bee and wasp venom.
  • Allergy-based occupational disease: rhinosinusitis, asthma, skin diseases.
  • Control and treatment of allergic process during pregnancy.

Carrying out of the following specific diagnostic techniques

  • Skin tests:
    • Intraepidermal cutaneous ( “prick-test”).
    • Intraepidermal cutaneous.
  • Contact epicutaneous (“patch test”).
  • Functional respiratory:
    • Spirometry.
    • Forced spirometry.
    • Bronchodilator.
  • Provocation tests:
    • Bronchial provocation tests.
    • Provocation testing with food.
    • Provocation testing with drugs.

Did you know that asma can be detected on time and that allergy symptoms can be prevented?


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